mHealth Systems

mHealth Systems is an innovation startup that focuses on mobile health solutions related to motivational interviewing for alcohol and substance abuse. mHealth founders have conducted intestive research on the mandated university students population in the area of mobile health and motivational interviewing. mHealth Systems has partnered with many univeristies on deploying mobile smartphone solutions focusing on student education and awareness related to substance and alcohol abuse.


MI Coach

Motivational interviewing (MI) coach sends push notifications and collects feedback via short multiple-choice questions, it alerts the user to surveys and delivers MI content.

Personalized Feedback

The app provides tailored personalized feedback (PF) based on usage and data provided. Users are able to compare their use of alcohol and cannabis to their peers.

Trivia Game

Correctly answering multiple-choice and true/false questions will allow users to have fun and learn through gamification and points tracking.

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The app provides detailed information about alcohol and provides tracking tools to allow the users to track their BAC and drinking logs.

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Our Amazing Team

mHealth Systems has an amazing team composed of entrepreneurs, research consultants, tech lead, statistician and project manager. We are growing and looking to add more amazing people to our team.


Bill Basinger



Donna Kazemi

Research Consultant


Mohamed Shehab

Research Consultant and Tech Lead

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